Friday, September 16, 2011

This was written by my adorable 10- yr old niece, Maddie. She's the sweetheart that went around her neighborhood with her brother selling baked muffins for my fundraiser. This is what inspired our Muffins For Mommy fundraiser campaign.

"Hi, I'm Maddie and I'm trying to save my Aunt MeeMee's life. The idea started when my aunt and my mom talking on the phone. They were trying to come up with a cute name for my Aunt MeeMee that has stage 2 brain cancer. First I came up with pancakes, when waffles. Then I came up with a brilliant idea.... Muffins for Mommy!! Now we have to make enough muffins to raise over $100,000. We need your help to save my thoughtful and wonderful Aunt MeeMee's life. I love her, please help us save her life!"