Monday, May 7, 2012



What a great fundraiser!
 What kind, giving women. They put tons of time and money into a awesome night!
Joan is on the left. She's a brain tumor survivor of 20 years +
To hear her story gave me lots of HOPE and courage. She raised 2 boys while undergoing surgery and treatment.  The way she found me and offered to help is how I know my Father in Heaven hears me and answers my families prayers. 
 Brittani on my right helped to pull this huge event together too. She is  dating Joans sweet son. I met her son, what a cool guy. I hope my boys are like this loving guy someday. He was right beside these girls helping them with everything, so compassionate! Joan really raised him right.  Brittani's a lucky girl and he is one lucky guy. They are both  beautifully spirited inside and out. 
This was the entrance as you walked into this  cosy place.
The candles were low lit with lots of texture. Look how cute the decorations were.

                                               This was just a small snap shot of the raffle that local business donated. 
              What a giving community! It took us over a hour to draw every one's name that won that night!
It had to of been the most fun I've had in a long, long time. 
Thank you to all who came and supported my family and I. And to all of you that donated to make the night such a huge succsess. Joan called me and told me we met our goal of raising over $3000.00!