Monday, November 14, 2011


I am blown away by the love in Ladera Ranch.
I have lived in this community for 11 years. Where have I been? This holiday boutique was amazing.
The fundraiser at Ladera Ranch Dance Academy honored my family....(muffins for mommy) to help raise money our family needs for cancer treatment. What a special gift of HOPE, a gift of LOVE and a gift of CHARITY they gave me that day. What a selfless act these Ladera women did for us. I am amazed by them... true SAINTS!.

I honestly feel like a circle of angels...Aimee, Karen, Nancy, Kim, Brooke, Renee, Chandra, Bonnie and April rallied around me and lifted my spirits so high, I got a small taste of what heaven will be like. "Anything to save a mother" they kept saying.

Those Ladera women... a small group of friends pulled together to make a difference. They are saving a mother. What could be better?
We are forever grateful, $3000.00 was raised that day, just in donations alone. I have faith our family will reach our goal.

PLEASE get the word out!

Around $60,000.00 more dollars to go!

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