Sunday, October 23, 2011


Our rummage sale was the sale of the year! I could not believe our turn out. We had so many donations it was insane. The volunteers at the Goodwill said where in the world did all this stuff come from? I told them it came from families all over our community that want to see a mother get better for her family. They were excited because not only did it help us but it also went to a great cause afterwards.

There are so many I want to thank. Those that donated, sorters, family that drove all night for support, people with tables, the cute girl scouts that had a bake sale and raised $140.00. A special sister that drove around with me all night hanging signs, letting me freak out cause the stress became to unbearable and taking my children so I could work. Those that showed up at 5:00am on a Sat. friends that stayed to clean up, neighbors from the cul-de-sac, fathers that stayed home with children so their wives could help and vice versa.

But there is one person who made it all possible. One that took charge and handled everything, one I could depend on for anything. She has healed me with a healthy kale shake since the day we found out I was sick. With her sister by her side to lift her heavy load. Chandra Miner. Thank you, love to you sister.

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